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  • 1st January: New Year’s Day
  • Always & Forever
  • 3rd January: Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
  • Birthday: Always & Forever
  • 14th February: Valentine’s Day
  • 25th February: Kuwait National Day
  • Spring Holidays
  • Monday March 21st: Mother’s Day
  • Just Because: Always & Forever
  • National Day
  • 24th December: Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
  • Winter Holidays
  • 16th May: Israa & Miaraj Night : Ascension Of The Prophet
  • Good Luck: Always & Forever
  • 18th June: Ramadan
  • 21st June: Father’s Day
  • Congratulation: Always & Forever
  • 17th July: Eid Al Fitr
  • Love And Romance: Always & Forever
  • 23rd July: Egypt National Day
  • Anniversary: Always & Forever
  • 22nd September: Arafat Day : Arafat Day Or Day Of Arafa -
  • Is The 2nd Day Of The Hajā—¦nal Day
  • 18th December: Qatar Na
  • Get Well: Always & Forever
  • 23rd September: Saudi Arabia National Day
  • Thank You: Always & Forever
  • 23rd September: Eid Al Adha
  • 15th October: Hijri New Year’s Day : Islamic New Year
  • 31st October: Halloween
  • 18th November: Oman National Day
  • 2nd December: UAE National Day
  • 16th December: Bahrain Natio

Did you know?

Each month has its own flower. Find out what this is for your loved one’s birthday and a send a bouquet full of that flower.